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Increasing Risk

California Fires for the last 100 years

If it seems like each year the fires are getting bigger and more numerous, that is because they are. Take a look at the graphic to the right to see just how the fires in recent years have compared to other years on record.


Fire safety for kids!

Evacuation Routes

Check this site for updated and approved routes. 

This is the route we will use on May 8th for our evacuation drill. 

The evacuation route at the south end of Aldercroft Heights Road starting at the first San Jose Water Company gate. A map of that route will is soon forthcoming.


This route is NOT yet approved to be used. If you check it out, please do NOT pass the gate and enter private property. 

The Evacuation Route between Panorama Drive and Old Gold Mine Road features signs and reflectors for guidance and will soon have more installed along the route.


AHEP Evacuation Route.png

Evacuation Route Video Tour

South Aldercroft Heights RD to Wrights Sation
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