Who We Are

Aldercroft Heights Firewise Steering Committee

We are a team of Aldercroft Heights residents focused on sharing resources on fire safety, evacuation plans, and additional emergency preparedness with those in our community.

Our community is divided up into five pods as shown in the map below.

AH Pods 06Oct2020.png

If you live on Aldercroft Heights RD you are part

of the nearest road. Please confirm on the map.

If you notice any errors, please contact us with the correction to neighbor@AHinfo.org

Know your pod leaders


  • Sarah Johnston

(North Aldercroft Associations, Inc.)

Old Mine Road

And nearby Aldercroft Heights

  • Addis O'Connor

  • Marjorie Kline

  • Darcy Swinnerton

  • Jackie Marquez

​Roaring Waters

And nearby Aldercroft Heights

  • Ben Logan

Shady Lane

  • Theresa Brandt

And nearby Aldercroft Heights

Sunnyside Road

And nearby Aldercroft Heights

  • Scott Schreiman

  • Nicole Houts


What We Do


How to protect your home against wildfire
What to do in the event of a wildfire


Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
Chipping Day
Emergency Evacuation Practice
Community Clean-Up

Community Support

Coordinate across pods

Contact us

If you need to contact your pod lead or just have questions, please click the button below.


“Only you can prevent forest fires”

Smokey the Bear